Condo and Renters Insurance: Protect Your Home and Belongings

Condo and Renters

Condo and renters insurance may seem alike at first glance, but there are important differences between the two that homeowners should be aware of. Both types of policies provide crucial protection against fire, theft, injury to others, and liability, but the extent and specifics of this coverage can vary. It’s essential to understand these differences and choose the right insurance policy that best suits your needs.

Condo: As a condo owner, it’s essential to have insurance that covers not just your belongings, but also your portion of the building. We offer two types of insurance policies – HO3 and HO6. An HO3 policy provides comprehensive coverage for your condo unit and its contents, including damage from fire, theft, and other perils. On the other hand, an HO6 policy is typically necessary when a condo owners association provides building coverage, and you need coverage only for your personal possessions and interior items. Our insurance experts can help you determine which policy is right for you.

Renters: Renters also need insurance to protect their belongings and personal assets. Our renters insurance policy provides coverage for your clothing, furniture, electronics, and other possessions in the event of theft, damage, or other losses. Additionally, this policy offers liability and medical coverage to protect you in case of injury to others or damage to their property. With a renters insurance policy from Barrett Hill Insurance, you can have peace of mind knowing your possessions and assets are protected.

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